Getting a “YES” in an Unpredictable and Challenging Market

Offer your clients a reason to say “YES” in an uncertain and challenging market!

If your clients reduce their decision to purchase, sell or rent to a single variable – PRICE – they have succumbed to the fixed pie mentality.

If it becomes all about price, we have a win/lose proposition on our hands; every dollar gained by the seller or landlord is a dollar lost by the buyer or renter. One winner, one loser. 

With that perspective, it is no wonder they are saying to themselves:

“What do I LOSE by purchasing today?”

“What do I GAIN by waiting until tomorrow, next month or next year?”

Help your client look at the decision through a different lens, stay focused on their GOAL, and reveal the benefits of a changed perspective as a way to achieve those goals.

Ask them to ask themselves the opposite question:

“What do I LOSE by waiting?

“What do I GAIN by purchasing today?”

By looking at the decision from different angles your client can expand the list of what is important to them beyond just price. They will develop a more fulsome view of what “winning” looks like. And you will have served your clients’ interests by offering them a good reason to say, “YES” to the right opportunity. 

That is what we call a true WIN-WIN.


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